Mike, our Property Manager  is familiar with what it takes to minimize your headaches and maximize your return on investment for your rental property.  He currently manages a variety of rental units in the Bradenton area..
imageWe believe that the exceptional customer service you receive during your rental process will make you a lifelong Scholfield Realty Inc. customer. 

If you own rental property(s) or are interested in purchasing rental properties as an   investment then you should contact Scholfield Property Management  professionals who can respond to your needs and help your investment reach its maximum potential. In 2016 we celebrated 60 successful years in the business.



Our Track Record

How Scholfield Realty, Inc. promotes your property:

Put Rentals in Multiple Listing Services and advertise on our website.

Our office takes an Application from prospective tenants checking their background, credit and prior residence.

We have the Law Offices of Heist, Weisse & Davis, P.A. prepare the lease. The cost to the owner is $45.00 and a renewal fee of $25.00

Scholfield Realty, Inc.. Management fee is 11%. This fee is subtracted from the amount of money sent to the Owner monthly.

Owner receives a Monthly Statement with their check and a 1099 for tax purposes at the end of the year.

The Tenant contacts us with any repairs that may be needed. All interaction is between Tenant and Scholfield Realty, Inc.

We ask the Owner to put $300.00 into our Rental Escrow for any repairs. If a repair is going to be more than $200.00, we contact the Owner before doing the repair, unless it is an emergency and we cannot reach the owner. 

Office phones are answered 24 hours a day by a live answering service.

PS: Scholfield Realty Inc. has been in business since 1956, Barbara and Derry! Edwards have been the proud owners of the company since 1987. 

Michael E. Sabatino
Property Manager